Everyone Loves Rusty Waters

I need to lose a shit ton of weight.

Bed time, it’s been a long but wonderful day. Talk atcha all tomorrow :-)

Just took a healthy Barack, after which I wiped my Obama. #Obama

I’m using the #Diaspora app for #Android. It’s unofficial but works great!

What Frosty does in his spare time…. #snow #penis #car #PWNED

Dude, like totally, I am SO eating wieners and chili!

I have to get off the computer or I will get NOTHING accomplished. Plus, I’m hungry. Talk to you all in a bit.

Okay, so apparently this is going to go to four different places. #Tumblr, #FaceBook, #Twitter and, of course, #Diaspora. Test.

Family Guy - Stewie’s Love Song (by FoxBroadcasting)